Audio Visual Installation Services

Fully integrated av systems include a PA System or Live Sound System, a Video Presentation System, and Stage Lighting.

An audio visual system from a professional installation company would allow your venue to provide audiences with a full user experience.

Our Audio Visual projects include a full design and install service.

Our installation teams will provide your staff with training on how to use your new audio visual equipment.

The benefits of a fully integrated av installation include:

  • Video content and mult-media presentations can be enjoyed throughout the venue
  • High quality audio from your sound system
  • A high quality audio hearing loop
  • Good access to connect laptops and other mobile devices
  • Video stage monitors for presenters


The usual way to provide the visual content of audio visual media has been to use a data projector. Projection is a cost effective solution when large screen sizes are required. Our site visit will identify potential mounting points for your projector.

Display Screens

We have carried out audio visual installations using one or more display screens. Using display screens is often a good solution where the use of projection is not practical. Using display screens can be more cost effective than using a long throw projector. Display screens are ideal for meeting rooms.

Sound system

We will design and install a sound system for you. This can be a simple PA system for prerecorded content, or a full sound system.

LED Stage Lighting

Your Audio Visual Installation can include fully controllable LED Stage Lighting. Simple LED Lighting allows you to enhance the room ambience and highlight presenters. Installations could also include a full stage lighting system.

Our professional audio visual installation service includes:

  • Free site survey
  • System design
  • Equipment installation
  • Initial setup and training for your staff
  • Maintenance packages

An example of a previous installation can be seen in the photograph below.

Here we provided two main display screens and the facility to plug in two more above the balcony. The sound system would reproduce the audio from any video source sent to the screens.

The sound system sent the combined live and recorded sound to the churches hearing loop which we also provided.

Video content was distributed using cat 5 cables to overcome the length restrictions of normal HDMI cables.

An example audio visual installation by MPB Sound and Light

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