Sound System Installation

Our professional engineers have carried out sound system installations for a variety of customers. Our senior sound engineer has over 30 years of experience operating sound systems and of audio equipment installation.

Systems vary from simple PA systems to a full sound stage with foldback, live vocals, musicians and presenters.

Our sound installation service

As part of your installation service we will discuss all the areas above, plus specific requirements for your venue. Then you will be presented with a report detailing our recommended solution and any optional upgrades.

Site Visit

We recommend that a site visit is carried out before we present our proposals, the site visit will look at the following:

  • What benefits you want the system to provide
  • The activities that the system will be used for
  • How you would like to control the system, including operator availability
  • Building restrictions such as listed status, asbestos register, coinstruction etc
  • The kinds of equipment that might be suitable
  • Future plans, it can be more cost effective to lay audio visual cables for projectors at the same time as speaker cables for example.

Our Proposals

Each proposal will include:

  • An introduction to ourselves for key decision makers
  • A summary of your requirements as we understand them
  • An overview of our proposed solution
  • Indepth look at the solution and the equipment proposed
  • Any optional equipment that could be selected
  • A breakdown of the investment required
  • Our terms and conditions

PA systems can be used for:

  • making public announcements.
  • playing background music
  • providing sound re-enforcement for events.

PA systems for Shops and station areas can be set up for speech, or a combination of background music and speech. Speaker systems can use ceiling speakers provided microphones are not positioned beneath them.

Sound systems can provide:

  • Control for multiple microphones.
  • Control over sound at events and conferences
  • Sound recordings for events.

Every sound system has a unique range of requirements.

We have previously helped customers with the following areas during the design of their sound installation:

  • Choosing the correct microphones
  • Loudspeaker placement and design
  • Stage design and layout
  • Hearing Loops
  • Deciding on the best position for the control point
  • Integration of projectors and computers
  • Staff training on using the system

How we deliver our sound system installation proposal

We will send our proposals electronically unless specifically requested to send a paper copy.

Online Portal

Our email to you includes a link to view your proposals online. Using the online version allows you to select and deselect any optional items, and also to increase or decrease quantities of microphones to suit your budgetary requirements. When your organisation wishes to accept the proposal and proceed with the work this can also be done online

PDF report

If you need to circuate the report to key decision makers then you will be able to forward the PDF copy by email or print copies. If you wish to adjust quantities on the PDF version then you will need to contact us.

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